Episode #721: Troy Broussard: Building Communities and Getting Coaching Clients in Cancel Culture Times

by | Jul 12, 2021 | Podcasts

Troy Broussard is the founder of Learnistic™ (which lets you run your entire business from your mobile phone!), as well as being a former Navy nuclear engineer and bestselling tech author. He happens to be a world-famous marketing automation specialist with over 20 year’s experience running multiple multi-million dollar software and app development, SEO, and business/marketing coaching businesses.

In 2019 I welcomed Troy as a guest on the podcast, and he revealed strategies for maximizing ROI through multi-channel messaging. Today, Troy is back to share his wisdom on community building for coaches and online entrepreneurs, as well as to give his thoughts on getting coaching clients in this “cancel culture” times we find ourselves in!  

 In this episode you’ll hear:

  • The difference between a mobile app versus a web app, and the benefits of running your business with this mobile app  
  • How to tackle tech with simplicity to run your business directly from your smartphone 
  • The ways you can create and control your own culture in your business  
  • How Troy is creating solutions to limit the impact of cancel culture on business owners


“The best solutions always come out of real problems.”  

“By creating this platform, it really just makes it super simple for the average coach or entrepreneur or info product sales membership owner to be able to publish their content. They can put it in the palm of their users’ hands, anywhere they go.” 

“The whole purpose of a mobile app is to be able to take your content anywhere you go.” 

“These platforms are certainly engineered to be as insulated as possible from this cancel culture type approach.” 


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