The purpose of business

Here’s a different way of looking at the purpose of business, from John Jantsch (Founder of Duct Tape Marketing and Wall St Journal Best Selling Author): “What if the purpose of a business was to discover what it takes to make your customer successful?...

About growing as a person

The other day I was reading Mel Robbins’ latest book, “The High 5 Habit” and came across this passage: ===== “You know that you need water, food, oxygen, shelter, and sleep, or you’ll die. You also know that you need friendship, or else...

The “Total Transformation Technique”

Sarah Griffiths will be hosting a live masterclass in a few days where she’ll be sharing more about her “Total Transformation Technique” … This technique is so effective because it has a very specific focus for uncovering the hidden blocks and...

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