12 weeks off every year?!?

Tom Matzen surprised me with something recently. He told me that it’s possible to build a seven figure business while enjoying 12 weeks off every year. 12 weeks?!? I thought I heard him wrong, but that’s what he said. I asked Tom about this, and he agreed...

About wasting time

There are lots of ways to waste time nowadays, and according to one article here are some of the most common ones: GossipingProcrastinatingReading the news (it recommends to go on a “media diet” … not a bad idea)Attending unnecessary meetingsSurfing the...

An alternative to underpromise and overdeliver

Tom Matzen has an alternative to that old saying, “underpromise and overdeliver”. He calls it “overpromise and overdeliver”, and he’s going to share more during the live Masterclass that we’re doing on Monday, April 19th. I’ve...

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