Why I gave The Umbrella Academy a chance

Last year I watched “The Umbrella Academy” on Netflix. Although it’s about a group of superheroes, and I’m usually into that type of stuff, the trailer didn’t grab me at first. So I held off and watched something else. But in the weeks following its release, Netflix...

(Free Workshop) From Expert to Authority

When I started my online coaching business in 2014, it seemed like a noisy space. But flash forward 6+ years and those early days sound like a quiet, gentle whisper compared to today. There are more voices in the marketplace and it’s more difficult to get your...

Transitioning from in-person to virtual stages

During an interview with Suzanne Evans yesterday, she told a story that should give hope to all coaches looking to pivot from in-person speaking events to virtual stages: With all of the lockdowns happening in 2020, her client Jean Kuhn (a turnaround coach) had to...

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