My favourite books of 2020

I have an addiction: Books. I can’t go to the bookstore without buying an armful of them. I can’t visit Amazon without filling my shopping cart. I can’t go a day without reading them. If Marie Kondo, who recommends having no more than 30 books, saw...

Not your typical “webinar”

Later today I’ll be with Tom Matzen as he and his partners, Steve Sipress and Timon Vinke, present their Master Class to show coaches how to get 10 new clients in the next 90 days. These Master Classes are deep-dive, 3 hour ones and not your typical...

I see dead … leads

While there’s been a lot of talk lately whether dead voters did or didn’t vote in the US Presidential election, this is about another kind of “dead” people: Dead leads. Every entrepreneur has a pile of them in their wastebasket. I do too....

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