(Podcast) From struggling coach to successful coach

A new episode of the “Natural Born Coaches” podcast was just released, and my guest is Cheryl Thacker from Successful Coaches. In this episode you’ll hear: Cheryl talk about her experiences when first getting started with coaching, and the struggles...

You’re certified … now what?

A common complaint that I hear from coaches who have just completed their certifications is that they don’t know what to do to get clients. Their certifications focused on the art of coaching, but the business side of coaching was neglected. They now have a...

Making business a piece of cake

If you tried to make a cake that requires six ingredients, but you only include two or three of them, chances are it wouldn’t taste very good. You’d probably chuck it in the garbage (or do what I do, run to Dairy Queen and get one of their yummy chocolate ice cream...

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