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Incredible bonuses from the best “bonus guy” I know!

You've probably heard a lot of talk lately Christian Mickelsen's "Free Sessions That Sell" program. "Big Players" like Christian ask their peers and partners to tell everyone about their program at the same time to generate buzz. And the people promoting the big...

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A different way of doing joint ventures (get my help)

I'm not a fan of traditional joint ventures. Those are the ones where you do a little bit of promotion for it (the odd email or social media post), but you really just dip your toe in the water. And you use swipe copy that your partner sends you, and that everyone...

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I’ll help you monetize your email list/online community

Do you have a good-sized email list or community (ie: Facebook group) that you want to be monetizing more? (When I say "good-sized", I mean at least 2500 email subscribers or community members) If so, I'm doing something you could be interested in … Since 2018 I've...

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Disappointed with Facebook ads?

If you have an offer that helps coaches, and you've been disappointed with the returns from Facebook ads, I'm now filling my joint venture spots for this fall. Here's an opportunity to get what you have out in front of a ton of coaches, details here:...

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‘Tis the season

Fall is just about here. It's that time of the year for pumpkin spice lattes, apple picking, corn mazes, and all of that jazz. It's also when people are back from their summer activities, and ready to get back to business … I've noticed this every September over the...

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IKEA’s floor design change

I stumbled across a surprising article about a change that IKEA is making with some of their floor designs. They've been experimenting with floor layouts to make them more open (like traditional department stores), but surveys have found that many of their shoppers...

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A book recommendation for coaches

Earlier this week, I was asked during a podcast interview for a good book recommendation for coaches. My answer: "Coaching Questions" by Tony Stoltzfus. You'd never guess what this book is about in a million years … Questions to ask during coaching sessions! It's a...

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For the record: I have nothing against cats

Back in 2019 I got in trouble when I sent an email out with the following subject line: "More than one way to skin a cat" I was using an old saying to say there are multiple ways to build a successful coaching business, but one subscriber took me a little too...

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Al Capone’s business-building advice

The infamous gangster Al Capone has a quote that I often think about: "I'd rather have four quarters than one hundred pennies" He was referring to friends, but it's applicable to coaching clients as well. While I wouldn't recommend taking much life advice from Capone,...

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