How Edna made an extra $10,000 in just two weeks

I'm not the cheapest coach around. My main 1:1 package is $10,000 and it's quite intense (there are a lot of calls and hand-holding during that time). This doesn't work for all coaches … It's either out of their budgets, or perhaps they don't need something that...

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How to up your Twitter game

Twitter can be a confusing place for coaches. To help cut through the noise and learn how to turn tweets into dollars, I had Bryan Sharpe on the podcast today. Bryan turned a viral video at Starbucks into a massive following on the platform, and in this episode you'll...

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With passion you don’t need 5-Hour Energy shots

A few weeks ago I was talking with an online entrepreneur who's changing businesses. She wasn't enjoying what she was doing, so she got out of that and is now looking for a new business to start. During our chat she mentioned that despite having more free time to...

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A cure for the summertime blues

Summer likes to play head games with coaches. A lot of potential clients seem to go MIA, posting pics of their trips to the cottage and the beach, and it's easy to think that everyone is off-the-grid until September. It can all get a little frustrating, and lead to...

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How to really move the needle for your business

A few years back I had an interesting chat with a fellow coach. He wanted to offer some stuff on Patreon to get recurring revenue coming in, and was curious what I thought about his plan. His idea was to sell a bunch of little things on the crowdfunding site: so for...

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Take a licking and keep on ticking

I've been spending the last few days talking about super hero stuff and how it relates to coaches. Sticking with that, let's talk about another super hero movie: "Kick-Ass". It's about a teenager named Dave who wonders why there aren't any super heroes in the real...

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When the world is too big

There's a scene "Man of Steel" where a young Clark Kent (before he became Superman) is struggling with his powers. As he sits in his classroom, his X-ray vision kicks in and he sees the skeletons of his teacher and classmates. Then his super-hearing starts up, and he...

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It’s a bird, it’s a plane …

Successful coaches have superpowers. I don't mean x-ray vision, super-strength, or flight, although those would be pretty cool. And they aren't wearing spandex suits, capes, or masks and fighting crime in their cities. I mean they have certain things that they do...

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A weird little trick to become a super reader

A few years back, a client and I got talking about our love of listening to podcasts and audiobooks. During our conversation, he told me that he always listens to material at double the normal speed, and suggested that I try doing the 2x thing as well. I told him that...

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How To Become A Content Creation Machine!

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“My biggest business breakthroughs happened when I worked with Marc. He has a way about him that pushes you without being confrontational. Working with Marc gave me the confidence to increase my fees”

- Keith Claridge, Simple Self-Growth

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- Al Clunnie, Lifestyle Design Coach

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- Andrise Bass, Master Coach

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- Lucas Barra, Sales Coach

“Marc has been absolutely awesome for my coaching business. Working with him has been one of the best decisions I have made in my journey and my business has grown from working with him!”

- Shaz Alidina, Mind Coach

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- Bisi MacGregor, Life Coach

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- Frederick Entenmann, Mind Body Life Coach

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- David Hayward, Spiritual Freedom Expert

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- Amy Gamblin, Career Coach

“Do yourself a favor and enroll in Marc's 10 Clients In 90 Days program! I've always struggled to get clients, but in a few short weeks I'm constantly having conversations and closed my first inbound client that wasn't a local referral. It's been amazing!”

- Paul Russell Reed, Breakthrough Coach

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