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Do you hate Tony Robbins?

Love them or hate them, there's no denying that the following coaches and online entrepreneurs have strong personal brands (it's impossible to have a strong brand without being hated by some people) -Tony Robbins -Gary Vaynerchuk -Tim Ferriss -Amy Porterfield -Marie...

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Personal branding doesn’t have to be hard

When I had Kae Wagner as a guest on Natural Born Coaches earlier this week, she talked about the myths around personal branding. I had no idea there were so many! We were limited on time, so we were only able to hit four or five of the myths (here's the link to give...

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A depressing statistic from the founder of Maxim Magazine

In his book "How To Get Rich", the late Englishman Felix Dennis (founder of Maxim Magazine) shared some depressing statistics about the chances of becoming rich: "Only 0.000016 percent of 60 million British citizens are rich. That's less than 1 percent of 1 percent of...

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The easiest way to make more money as a coach

What's the easiest way to make more money as a coach? You're probably thinking; "Sell more expensive programs, Marc!" Ok, that's common sense, but I dug deeper on this with Kae Wagner, who told me: "Personal branding positions you for premium pricing because you...

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The benefits of having a strong personal brand

According to Kae Wagner, these are the big benefits of having a strong personal brand: -Helps you stand out from the crowd -Gives you staying power because you become consistent and credible -Is a shortcut for buyers to easily pick you because your offer is crystal...

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People are buying YOU!

As a coach, you might think that you're selling a program or service … Think again! Kae Wagner made a good point about this, telling me: "As a Coach, you and your program or unique process are the product/service. You are what people buy! They are buying you to help...

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Solving all of the confusion out there about branding

I recently heard Kae Wagner, personal branding specialist, talk about some of the questions she's hearing people ask about personal branding, like: "Is it just a logo and a slogan?" "Is it colour and images?" "Is it your vision, mission, and values?" The good news:...

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(New Podcast) The Big Myths Around Personal Branding!

Kae Wagner is my guest on the Natural Born Coaches podcast today, and she's debunking big myths that are floating around about personal branding! What You’ll Hear In This Episode: -What is “personal branding”? -Why personal branding is more than just a logo -Is it...

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This is for “heavy hitters”

This week I've been talking about my Super Partner partnership, which is coming available soon. This partnership could be for you IF you have something good (a program, platform, service) for coaches, and you want to get it out in front of my audience 24/7 for the...

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How to get interviewed 4x on a top 1% show!

One of the best ways to get your message out to the world is being interviewed on podcasts. Although plenty of entrepreneurs grasped how valuable podcast interviews were years ago, it seems like everyone knows nowadays. In the past (circa 2014), I got maybe one pitch...

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