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Who’s the 1:1 call with Reef Colman for?

This week Reef Colman from is doing a number of 1:1 strategy calls for people in my community who are looking to get help by adding someone to their team. While there are a lot of coaches in my network, this free call offer isn't exclusively for coaches …...

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What does Kurt Cobain have to do with virtual assistants???

One of the books in my collection is "Journals" by Kurt Cobain. I was never a big fan of grunge music, and you won't find me wearing Nirvana t-shirts or anything … But I bought the book because it's an interesting look inside Cobain's head (it features actual scans of...

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Do you need a virtual assistant? (valuable 1:1 call!)

Reef Colman (Founder of has a wealth of experience helping clients build their teams the right way. He was on my podcast this week, and at the end of our interview he made an offer to give some valuable 1:1 calls to listeners who can use his advice to...

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(New Podcast) Scaling with Small Teams!

Reef Colman (CEO and Founder of is my guest on the Natural Born Coaches podcast today, and he shares his advice for growing your coaching team the RIGHT way to avoid the scaling mistakes that so many coaches make! What You’ll Hear In This Episode: Why...

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Jungle VIP Spotlight: Patrick Sgro!

Don’t like doing outreach? Coaching Jungle VIP Pat Sgro doesn’t either. He says: “I cut my teeth marketing expensive things to the affluent. These people see through marketing tricks, it’s how they keep their fortunes. But if THEY decide they want to buy, nothing will...

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Jungle VIP Spotlight: Rob Goyette!

This week I've been highlighting cool stuff that some of my Coaching Jungle VIPs are doing, and today is no exception … I've had the pleasure of knowing (and partnering with) Rob Goyette for many years, and he's created an amazing laser coaching model to help you sign...

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Jungle VIP Spotlight: Chad Eljisr!

I'm a fan of email marketing, and I think that all coaches and online entrepreneurs should be doing it … But it's not easy to get those darn emails written! One of my Coaching Jungle VIPs, Chad Eljisr, is doing something to help with this challenge. He has something...

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Jungle VIP Spotlight: Michael Stevenson!

This week I've been plugging my Coaching Jungle VIPs, since they're all A-1 people who get great results for their clients. One of them is Michael Stevenson … And here's what he had to say about what he's doing: ===== "Are you an introverted coach who struggles with...

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Jungle VIP Spotlight: Laurie-Ann Murabito!

One of my Coaching Jungle VIPs, Laurie-Ann Murabito, is doing something really interesting … Here are the details: ===== Coaches, 7,500+ meetings and conferences happen DAILY in need of speakers like you … But where do you find these opportunities…let alone pitch...

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Jungle VIP Spotlight: Jeremy DeMerchant!

A shout out for one of my Coaching Jungle VIPs, Jeremy DeMerchant … Jeremy has something that'll help you use sales automation to unlock unprecedented growth and efficiency … In his "The Ultimate Guide to Sales Automation for Coaches," you'll discover how to harness...

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