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A brutally honest dating ad

My favourite part of the movie “The Big Short” comes near the end, when Christian Bale’s character (Michael Burry) pens a letter to investors and says: “I met my wife through … my profile said, ‘I am a medical student with only one eye, an awkward social...

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The art of seduction

One of my favourite authors (and someone who should be studied closely by all coaches and entrepreneurs) is Robert Greene. He’s written books like “The 48 Laws of Power”, “The 33 Strategies of War”, “The Laws of Human Nature” and “The 50th Law” (with 50 Cent), but...

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Collaboration > competition

A few years ago something unusual happened on a Zoom call that I did: The person I was chatting with started a company that is a leader in its niche, is easily one of the top players in it, and has a great reputation built up over the years. During our conversation, I...

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Golden nuggets from David Ogilvy

I’m a big fan of the series “Mad Men”, and one of the people who’s mentioned a number of times throughout it is David Ogilvy, the advertising legend who wrote “Confessions of an Advertising Man” back in 1963. I have that book, and here are some quotes from the author...

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Being Henry

Last year I bought Henry Winkler’s autobiography, “Being Henry: The Fonz and Beyond”, and it’s a great read. Winkler starred as Fonzie/The Fonz in the hit TV series “Happy Days” from 1974-1984, and I posted a joke on social media that I hoped the book would “jump the...

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Joint venture opportunities available

Over the years I’ve had the chance to partner with some great people who have programs and services that help coaches. I’ve collaborated with experts on things like funnel services, Facebook ads, YouTube ads, book writing, masterminds, group coaching, online programs,...

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Secret Coach Club: for newer or more experienced coaches?

I’ve been asked if Secret Coach Club is for newer coaches, or more experienced ones. The answer is It’s written for coaches with different experience levels … both brand new and ones with decades of experience can benefit from it. One SCC subscriber said this:...

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What members are saying about Secret Coach Club

Some words from Secret Coach Club subscribers: “I couldn’t be happier! It’s difficult to find authentically successful and proven leaders in the online world we’re all a part of. With this in mind, I’m very selective about who to put trust in to help me achieve...

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Here’s my most affordable way to help you

If you're a coach looking to grow your business, you probably want to watch your expenses. I get it, so here's something that could appeal to you: My Secret Coach Club is just a few dollars a day, and in addition to the resources you get inside it you also get "brain...

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