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(Podcast) The Power of a Promise, with Promise2Live!

The newest episode of Natural Born Coaches is unlike any other that I've done for the show since 2014, and it's on a very sensitive (but important) topic for entrepreneurs: Suicide awareness. My special guests are Brandy Vega and Kevin Guest, who share about a...

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Hard-boiled numbers for more coaching clients

I just released a mini-training to show coaches an easier way to get to $10K months. If you're skeptical, I give a bunch of examples with actual numbers in the training … No need to bring your calculator, I did the numbers for you! It's a short, automated training...

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There’s nothing wrong with $10K months!

A few years ago, $10K months for coaches sounded pretty darn good. Then we started to hear about 7-figures/year, and then 8-figures, and and even 9-figures! So $10K/month lost some of its lustre. But if you're happy making $10K per month, and building from there,...

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What’s your magic number?

I have a question that I like to ask the coaches that I chat with: "What's your magic number?" "Magic Number" is their ideal monthly revenue from their coaching business. There's no wrong answer here … That's the great thing about entrepreneurship, it's your business...

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17 minutes to hit $10K/month with your coaching business!

Over the years I've watched hundreds of webinars. And while I've seen some good ones, I've had a problem with a lot of them. They were 60 minutes, or 90 minutes, or over 2 hours, and they had way too much wasted time. The hosts spent too long telling their life...

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The problem with over-complicating things

There's something in the human brain that desires to over-complicate things. If something seems too easy, we instinctively need to add more stuff … For example, take coaches who want to earn $10K/month. $10K months aren't that difficult. I'm not saying it's super-easy...

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Last call for September’s Secret Coach Club

The September issue of Secret Coach Club is now live, and inside its pages you'll discover: "The Rise of “Insult Selling” … and What To Do Instead!" I've noticed an annoying trend popping up in the online coaching space recently, and that's complete strangers choosing...

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J.M. Fields shares his thoughts about Secret Coach Club

Here's a comment from long-time Secret Coach Club member J.M. Fields, author of "The Bucketlist Coach": "Can't wait for the next issue of the newsletter. As a member for the past six or seven years, I always find value within the pages!" I love that there are lots of...

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