If Facebook ads just aren’t doing it for you

Lately I’ve been hearing horror stories about Facebook ad accounts being shut down. In some cases these were people who were doing them for years, and had spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on ads! If yours got shut down, or your FB ads haven’t been...

Join Kat and I today

Today’s the day for Kat Halushka’s live training for coaches (“3 Secrets To Getting More Coaching Clients Every Week”), and you should block off an hour to check it out. Some of the past attendees to Kat’s webinars and events had this to...

If Kat could do it, you can too

Tomorrow I’ll be with Kat Halushka when she presents a special webinar to show coaches how to get more clients without having to do all of the “usual stuff” coaches do. Kat is well-suited for this, having generated over $1,000,000 in revenue over the...

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