Why coaches hesitate making offers

If you don’t consistently offer your services, you won’t get coaching clients. Obvious, I know, but I see a lot of coaches holding back on doing this. There are a number of reasons for the hesitation, but I see two big ones: 1)They don’t know...

Why spinning 10 plates at a time is a bad idea

I just finished an interesting book made up of magazine, radio and television interviews of the late ex-Beatle George Harrison, called “Harrison on Harrison”. In one of those interviews, by Elaine Dutka in 1987, Harrison discussed his branching out into...

Should you throw the baby out with the bathwater?

Sometimes when things aren’t working out for a coach, they feel like they have to start everything over from scratch … Get rid of everything and do a 180 degree change (or throw the whole baby out with the bathwater!) With my “Triple Punch” package,...

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