One of the more common questions that I get from coaches who are thinking about joining Secret Coach Club is:

“I work in the _____ niche, will it help me get clients?”

The answer is “yes”.

My methods can be applied across a broad range of coaching niches.

it’s for life coaches, health coaches, relationship coaches, business/sales coaches, career coaches, executive coaches, etc … you name it.

When I look through the subscribers that are currently in SCC, most coaching niches are represented (and we have subscribers from every continent except one – fingers crossed that a coach from Antarctica joins soon …)

Since I work with coaches from all sorts of niches, I’ve had a front row seat to see what works (and what doesn’t work) when it comes to getting coaching clients.

And the cool thing is you can learn a lot from successful coaches in different niches. What works in one niche usually works in others, and every month I’m sharing that good stuff.

The February issue goes to print soon, and the deadline to get it is tonight at midnight EST.

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