My weird trick for naming anything

A few years back, one of my clients was having trouble choosing a name for her coaching business. She wanted something that stood out, that got people's attention, and gave her butterflies in her stomach when she looked at it. I'm not knocking any of that. Naming...

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Email marketing is NOT dead

Every once in awhile someone will pop his head out of the ground and declare that email marketing is dead. I get a chuckle over this. It's like the people who proclaim the death of Facebook groups, or podcasting, or anything else that's working for a lot of people....

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Size doesn’t matter

I had someone message me yesterday with a question about my upcoming live training ("How I Doubled My Business With Daily Emails!") on Monday. She wanted to know if she was wasting her time by going since she doesn't have a big list (around 150 subscribers). I can...

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Three myths around daily emails

Whenever I try to convince someone to email their list daily, I'm met with one of three objections: - "Email is dead!" (no, it's not) - "I'll run out of things to write about!" (not at all) - "People will unsubscribe!" (some will, but you'll be better off for it) Once...

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No measly man cold can stop my emails!

Wow - after yesterday's email (where I mentioned the nasty man cold that I've been fighting for the last few days), I got a number of messages back with well-wishes, suggested remedies, and even offers to send positive energy my way. I have the best subscribers :) But...

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A few things for you

I'm fighting off a nasty cold that's been with me since Thursday night, so this will be short one! I have a couple of things for you today: - A new episode of Natural Born Coaches dropped today, with guest Simon Crowe. Simon's a coach who's travelling the world doing...

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Originality vs Conformity

There's not much originality out there nowadays. Look at Hollywood ... Most of the movies coming out today are remakes, reboots, or sequels. - Ghostbusters. - Baywatch. - Independence Day. - Spider-Man. And on and on. How often do you see a completely original film?...

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How’s this for a wall, President Trump?

I posted this in The Coaching Jungle Facebook group last night, and wanted to share since I suspect that you may be struggling from "priority overload": ========== I'm working hard in 2017 to stay focused on just a few priorities. In the past, I could have had upwards...

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A tip to get interviewed on 48 more podcasts this year

One of the perks to having a partner who books podcast interviews for a living is the ability to get the inside scoop on things. I often ask my girlfriend Julia: "What are podcast hosts looking for nowadays?" Since I love my email subscribers, I decided to share with...

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If Ant-Man were a coach, this is what he’d do

I took the little guy to see The Lego Batman Movie last night (great movie). I won't ruin the film, but Batman has to learn to open up and start working with others as a team to save Gotham City, instead of trying to go-it-alone as usual. That's an important lesson...

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The Real ABCs of a Successful Coaching Business

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“My biggest business breakthroughs happened when I worked with Marc. He has a way about him that pushes you without being confrontational. Working with Marc gave me the confidence to increase my fees”

- Keith Claridge, Simple Self-Growth

“Marc continues to be a major influence in the ongoing development of my coaching business. I joined his group program before then becoming a 1:1 client, and he’s delivered results time and time again. Without his guidance, I truly believe that I would be years behind where I am now!”

- Paul Ratcliffe, Career Coach

“In just a few weeks, I've put together a framework for my 12-week coaching program, dialed in my pricing, and have picked up a whole new set of tools and proven strategies I can use in growing my audience and converting leads to clients. Anyone coach who wants more clients should work with Marc!”

- Tracey Minutolo, Side Hustle Coach

“Marc’s coaching has been responsible for my success as a coach. He helped me set up my whole business structure and land clients who I love working with. I’ve worked with other coaches, but all come up short in comparison to Marc!”

- Scott Doucet, Podcast Coach

“Marc’s group program was exactly what I needed to get my business moving forward. I walked away from the program with confidence that I would be successful in this business and tangible advice that I continue to put into practice on a daily basis”

- Clare Ng, Codependency Coach

“Throughout our time together, Marc’s been there to help and support, push, guide, and provide all kinds of insights from his experience. He’s been able to provide resource after resource, contacts, and more. It’s been great for my confidence and my coaching practice!”

- Al Clunnie, Lifestyle Design Coach

“I doubled my coaching fees and signed more clients in one month working with Marc than I had in the previous six months!”

- Lea Ann Mallett, Action and Impact Coach

“I just sold my premium package for $6000. I'm waiting for the clearance to start working next week. Thanks Marc!”

- Andrise Bass, Master Coach

“I enrolled five clients in my 1:1 program and already have two clients enrolled in my group program that I just announced! Thanks to Marc's coaching I pushed past my old fear-based thinking - the system he taught me has proven to be very successful … I’ve quickly enrolled seven new clients!”

- Jen Macquarrie, Habits Coach

“I was not getting traction before working with Marc, but having him in your corner gives the confidence that when you step into the ring you can take on the world … and win!”

- Darren Carrington - Video Impact Coach

“Marc has been instrumental in helping me to get my coaching business up and running. His insights, caring approach, and unparalleled knowledge of the industry are great for anyone building a coach business … Marc Mawhinney is the ideal person for you to hire to grow your coaching business”

- Lucas Barra, Sales Coach

“Marc has been absolutely awesome for my coaching business. Working with him has been one of the best decisions I have made in my journey and my business has grown from working with him!”

- Shaz Alidina, Mind Coach


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