Hanging out with big fish

Jim Rohn had a great saying: "You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with" Rohn was referring to the offline world, but I think the point applies to online as well. If you spend your time hanging out with chickens rather than eagles, your...

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Special message for old fogies and young whippersnappers

I read that a 58 year old woman in Mexico just gave birth to twins. Nowadays, almost anything is possible, at any age. Yet I see people who want to start their own coaching businesses, but are holding back because they think they're "over the hill" (for the record,...

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How to futureproof yourself

When Kelsey Ramsden does something, people listen. She was named Canada's top female entrepreneur by Profit Magazine in 2012 and 2013, and she's doing a lot in the coaching world now. Kelsey just launched her new podcast, Futureproofing, where she's interviewing some...

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My two cents about lead magnets

"Lead magnet" sounds like a dirty word. No one wants to be a "lead". But if you want to help people, you need to find out who they are and connect with them. Hence the need for a a "lead magnet". Personally, I prefer calling it a "free resource", but they're the same...

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The hitchhiker’s guide to a killer coaching business

There's a funny scene from There's Something About Mary, where the main character (Ted - played by Ben Stiller) picks up a crazy, killer hitchhiker. The hitchhiker starts telling Ted about his business idea to create The 7 Minute Abs program, to undercut the 8 Minute...

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Want more coaching clients? Have a listen …

A new podcast just dropped today with my guest Benjamin Tyler, where we talked about how to get more clients into your coaching business. Here's the link to listen in: www.NaturalBornCoaches.com/499 Happy Monday...

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Here’s how I handle my discovery calls

I want to share how I handle my discovery calls, since I often get asked by coaches how they should do theirs. This is by no means the only way to do them. Different methods work for others, I've just found that this works for me (and works for most of the coaches...

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Contenders, Pretenders, and Also-Rans

I'm a bit of a political junkie. I don't sit on Facebook arguing about politics, but I pay attention to elections and leadership races, and I'm currently listening to a 16 hour audiobook outlining where Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign went wrong. Nerdy, I know ......

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The “Should-a’s” will kill your coaching business

I once had a client who had a bad case of the "Should-a's" Since I just coined that word, you probably haven't a clue what I'm talking about. So let me tell you her story: She was a nice lady who wanted to become a coach, and she knew a lot about the coaching industry...

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If it’s good enough for Steve Jobs

Pablo Picasso had a quote: "Good artists copy, great artists steal". Steve Jobs used that when describing the success of Apple. You "borrow' from others, and put your own spin on it until people think it's original and all yours. For example: My son is really into a...

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The Real ABCs of a Successful Coaching Business

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“My biggest business breakthroughs happened when I worked with Marc. He has a way about him that pushes you without being confrontational. Working with Marc gave me the confidence to increase my fees”

- Keith Claridge, Simple Self-Growth

“Marc continues to be a major influence in the ongoing development of my coaching business. I joined his group program before then becoming a 1:1 client, and he’s delivered results time and time again. Without his guidance, I truly believe that I would be years behind where I am now!”

- Paul Ratcliffe, Career Coach

“In just a few weeks, I've put together a framework for my 12-week coaching program, dialed in my pricing, and have picked up a whole new set of tools and proven strategies I can use in growing my audience and converting leads to clients. Anyone coach who wants more clients should work with Marc!”

- Tracey Minutolo, Side Hustle Coach

“Marc’s coaching has been responsible for my success as a coach. He helped me set up my whole business structure and land clients who I love working with. I’ve worked with other coaches, but all come up short in comparison to Marc!”

- Scott Doucet, Podcast Coach

“Marc’s group program was exactly what I needed to get my business moving forward. I walked away from the program with confidence that I would be successful in this business and tangible advice that I continue to put into practice on a daily basis”

- Clare Ng, Codependency Coach

“Throughout our time together, Marc’s been there to help and support, push, guide, and provide all kinds of insights from his experience. He’s been able to provide resource after resource, contacts, and more. It’s been great for my confidence and my coaching practice!”

- Al Clunnie, Lifestyle Design Coach

“I doubled my coaching fees and signed more clients in one month working with Marc than I had in the previous six months!”

- Lea Ann Mallett, Action and Impact Coach

“I just sold my premium package for $6000. I'm waiting for the clearance to start working next week. Thanks Marc!”

- Andrise Bass, Master Coach

“I enrolled five clients in my 1:1 program and already have two clients enrolled in my group program that I just announced! Thanks to Marc's coaching I pushed past my old fear-based thinking - the system he taught me has proven to be very successful … I’ve quickly enrolled seven new clients!”

- Jen Macquarrie, Habits Coach

“I was not getting traction before working with Marc, but having him in your corner gives the confidence that when you step into the ring you can take on the world … and win!”

- Darren Carrington - Video Impact Coach

“Marc has been instrumental in helping me to get my coaching business up and running. His insights, caring approach, and unparalleled knowledge of the industry are great for anyone building a coach business … Marc Mawhinney is the ideal person for you to hire to grow your coaching business”

- Lucas Barra, Sales Coach

“Marc has been absolutely awesome for my coaching business. Working with him has been one of the best decisions I have made in my journey and my business has grown from working with him!”

- Shaz Alidina, Mind Coach


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