Are You a Startup Coach?

Earlier this week I had Sai Blackbyrn as a guest on “Natural Born Coaches”, and I was impressed with the advice that he shared.

It can be hard to fit everything into a 30 minute interview (time really does fly), …

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Coaching Mister Ed

Ok, that subject line came out strange.

I’m not the Horse Whisperer – I don’t know Mister Ed …

But a lot of coaches are like horses! Let me explain:

Yesterday, I had a group call where I compared a …

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Stan “The Man” Lee

I just read that Stan Lee is making his last appearance at New York Comic-Con later this year.

(If you’re not familiar with him, he’s the creator of Spider-Man, Iron Man, the Hulk, and many others.)

Although I don’t read …

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Jumpin’ From the 9-5

One of my clients has done so well that she recently gave notice at her job to go into coaching full-time.

That’s pretty cool (I’m not sure who was more excited – me or her)!

What’s the secret to her …

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The Art of Letting Go

Last summer, someone hired me to be his coach …

But then his plans changed and he decided to hold off on doing anything.

I was bummed. I liked him and really wanted to help him get his coaching business …

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Clients From a Podcast Interview???

Podcasting doesn’t always get the same level of respect when compared to its older, more-established sibling, radio.

But I keep telling people to not underestimate what a podcast can do for their businesses …

Since I started “Natural Born Coaches”, …

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