Episode #378: Jo Casey: Not Your Usual Coach! iTunes | Android | RSS Jo Casey is a coach, mentor and resilience expert who helps coaches develop their resilience and manage stress through mentoring and business building support.   BECOMING A COACH Jo first trained as a life coach 15 years ago and completely crashed and burned within 9 months. She loved coaching […]

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Episode #377: Alexander Dunlop: The Book of Life iTunes | Android | RSSAlexander Dunlop searched everywhere for the meaning of life, and found it in a surprising place!  He uses a unique method for coaching, and explains what “The Book of Life” is.   BECOMING A COACH At age 17, Alexander had a spiritual experience that woke him up to go on […]

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Episode #376: Susan Inouye: About Leadership iTunes | Android | RSS Through her executive coaching and leadership development, Susan Inouye has helped businesses and individuals create lasting change.  She opens up and shares her experiences from a long career in the coaching world!   BECOMING A COACH She left the entertainment industry for film and television that she had been […]

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Episode #375: Bob Wilson: Helping People Achieve More iTunes | Android | RSS Bob Wilson has over 25 years of experience helping people grow and achieve more. He focuses on helping businesses be more productive & less stressed and his training centers around effective communication.   BECOMING A COACH He was searching for something different for a number of years career-wise. He […]

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Episode #374: Lisa and Lucho Crisalle: Monetizing Nutritional Systems iTunes | Android | RSS Lisa and Lucho Crisalle are coaches in the health, fitness and wellness industry. They work with business owners to help them add a custom nutrition system to their businesses, and teach them how to monetize those systems.   BIGGEST OBSTACLE Lisa and Lucho’s biggest obstacle is the mindset and […]

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Episode #373: Todd Herman: Mental Toughness and Peak Performance iTunes | Android | RSS Todd Herman is the creator of the “The 90 Day Year” program and host of the Grit ‘N’ Hustle podcast. He helps improve the confidence and performance of athletes and entrepreneurs from around the world!   BECOMING A COACH Todd started his first coaching/consulting company at 22 years of […]

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