One of the perks that Secret Coach Club subscribers get is access to live calls with some pretty smart people.

Every month I invite a friend or someone who’s helped me and we do a live call about things that are important for coaches.

The calls are candid, conversational, full of golden nuggets, and they’ve helped a lot of my SCC subscribers in 2017.

In addition to getting access to these live calls (and having the ability to ask questions live), anyone who joins Secret Coach Club gets immediate access to the recordings for every call that we’ve ever done.

We currently have 11 call recordings available for subscribers:

William McCanless (one of the best copywriters I’ve ever met)
Jon Schumacher (a real pro when it comes to webinars)
Scott Oldford (another smart guy when it comes to online business building)
Hank Avink (who showed how he created a 6 figure month for his coaching business)
Oguz Konar (this one had tons of juicy stuff about Facebook ads)
Chris Jones (a book writing expert!)
Rob Garcia (the publisher of Shift Magazine who taught how we can learn things faster)
Ben Perry (organic Facebook guru – he probably doesn’t like to be called a “guru” but he’s great at FB)
Chris Miles (he showed how entrepreneurs can build resilience and get through the inevitable rough patches)
Nikhil Parekh (he walked us through his evergreen webinar funnel – something you might want to implement in 2018)
Extus Justin (an expert at helping coaches build their businesses and showing how to work on your business instead of in it).

Make a smart business move and instantly learn from these people here:


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