This week, someone posted this in a Facebook group that I’m a member of:
“Anyone here pull their own teeth before? I’m pretty screwed at the moment and don’t have many options”
At first glance I thought he was kidding, or trolling for a reaction.

Seriously, pulling your own teeth? We’re not in the 1800’s!

But once I read the comments, I realized that he was serious about doing his own dental work.

I’m not knocking the guy for being in a tough situation – apparently money is tight for him and he has no insurance. But trying to do your own dental work is dangerous, and could cause you a lot of pain (or even death).

The whole thing reminds me of coaches who refuse to invest anything to get their businesses rolling.

Sure, they aren’t going to die from this approach. Yet they could very well lose a lot of time, money and energy while trying to figure it all out themselves.

There are times when it just makes sense to get help from someone who has done what you want to do.

My 10 Clients In 90 Days group program is all about showing you how to get coaching clients quickly, without going through the pain that so many coaches go through.

If you’re charging what you should be charging (and what I’ll be pushing you to charge), you’ll get your investment back with just one client. All of the other clients are gravy …

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