When I first thought about using a Facebook Messenger bot for my business, I was hesitant.

One reason why is my plate’s pretty full at the moment, and I didn’t want to take the time to learn how to set one up and keep it running smoothly.

But the bigger reason is that I’ve seen bots that pretend to be a real person, when clearly they aren’t.

It seemed fake, phoney and not authentic.

So I held off on doing anything with bots.

Back in December, I was approached by a Facebook Messenger bot expert, Samir Ranpara. Samir asked if I had a few minutes to hop on a Skype call about bots, so I decided to hear what he had to say about them.

That call went more than a few minutes (we chatted for an hour), and one of the first objections that I threw out was the phoney/fake thing.

I was happy to hear that Samir agreed with me on not having a bot pretend to be you. He’s all about being upfront and letting people know that the bot is a bot.

Since so many coaches have been talking about bots lately, I asked Samir to do a live training to bust some bot myths and walk us through how to use one to get more business.

The training is taking place tomorrow at 1 pm EST, and here’s the link to register:



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