There have been riots in France after a supermarket chain slashed the price of Nutella by 70%.

I watched videos of people storming the stores, plowing through others to get their hands on discount peanut butter, er chocolate and hazelnut spread. You’d swear these people were saving thousands of dollars with the special price, but it works out to a whopping few bucks per jar.

The grocery chain claimed that they never expected this kind of rioting over Nutella, and I admit that I don’t get it either.

I also don’t get people who sit in line at a gas station to save a few bucks when gas is on sale, but probably burn that much sitting idle there waiting …

I also don’t understand the fools who camp out at stores during Black Friday and risk being trampled to death to save 100 bucks on a television …

But maybe I’m the weird one.

The Nutella strategy may have the stuff flying off store shelves, but discounting is a poor strategy for coaches for a few reasons:

1) It’s not necessarily easier to sell discounted coaching (it’s often harder, since prospects don’t think it’s very good because it’s so cheap and hold off buying it).

2) Even if you get people to sign up, they won’t be fully invested in it and the results won’t be that great (people don’t value what they get for free or cheap).

3) You’ll become a bitter, resentful coach who starts to despise people after dealing with enough of these Nutella discount types.

Better to charge high enough that you scare away the price shoppers, and let other coaches deal with that nonsense (and the bonus is you’ll work far fewer hours, and make a lot more money this way).

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