When I launched my Secret Coach Club print newsletter almost a year ago, I was clear on a few things:

I wanted it to be print-only, with no digital copies (people take things more seriously when they can hold it in their hands, and they’re more likely to put the stuff to use this way).

I also wanted SCC subscribers to have the ability to “pick my brain” by email, so I treat them like clients in that regard …

But I decided to add one more cherry on top to members – monthly live calls with guest experts.

These calls are with some of the smartest business people that I know, who share their expertise for an hour while we open up the lines for subscribers to ask questions.

Later today we’re doing our December live call with Extus Justin, and it’s going to be a good one (he’s an expert at helping coaches grow their businesses).

If you want to check it out, there’s still time (the call is at 3 pm EST, and SCC subscribers get the replay to this one and all past calls).

You can join SCC and take advantage of it here:



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