What’s the perfect Facebook post for entrepreneurs to get clients?

Here’s a hint, it’s not:

– “I hate Mondays! If you hate them too, comment with “grrrrrr”!”
– “Describe your day with a gif”
– “Share a meme in the comments that describes your mood at this moment!”
– “If you were an animal, what one would you be?”
– “Who would win in a fight, He-Man or Hulk Hogan???”

While certain posts are designed for engagement, the comments on them aren’t going to pay the bills.

Sure, some will say the trick is to get people to engage on one or a few of these type posts and then Facebook will start showing your stuff to them more often, but at some point your posts have to convert eyeballs into paying clients.

As I like to say, “You have to sell to help”, and my Facebook posts have connected me with a lot of people who have become my clients and customers – all because I don’t fear asking for the sale.

I can hear the little voice in your head saying “But won’t I annoy people if I sell??”.

Here’s the thing: if your posts are entertaining, bring value and help people, those who follow you will be ok with you selling in them.

And those who aren’t can unfriend you. If you being passionate about growing your business triggers them, no big loss.

Since a lot of coaches and online entrepreneurs are hesitant about writing Facebook posts that sell in them, I’m going to be breaking down my process in the February issue of the Secret Coach Club newsletter.

I’ll be showing the exact method that I’ve used to generate a ton of business from organic Facebook posts (not paid ads) over the last 4+ years.

This method can be applied to other platforms if Facebook isn’t your thing, too.

The next issue goes to the printer in a few days. If you want to learn the anatomy of a Facebook post that sells, head over here:




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