I’m a big fan of group coaching programs, and I’m constantly telling coaches they should have one to offer people.

One of the big reasons why you should have one is It will help you defend your 1:1 fees!

As you grow your coaching business, It’s inevitable that you’ll have people trying to beat you down on your fees.

If you don’t have anything other than 1:1 to offer prospects, you could be tempted to reduce your coaching fees just to get the client and the revenue.

But when you have a group program, you can stay firm on your 1:1 fee because you have something else you can whip out of your back pocket on sales calls.

You can tell the person (assuming you still want to work with him/her):

“If my 1:1 package doesn’t work for you, I have a group program where I can help you for just 50% of that investment. Would you like to hear more?”

I can’t remember anyone telling me “no” to that question. Why would they? Since they’re obviously interested in working with me, doing so for half of my 1:1 fee is attractive to them.

So your group program is another way to help people who you otherwise wouldn’t be able to help.

And they’re easier sells (my group program usually fills quickly)

Group programs are so important that I’m dedicating the next issue of my Secret Coach Club newsletter to them.

I’ll be spending the whole issue outlining how I created, filled, and delivered eight of my group programs in the last six months, which brought in a lot of revenue for my coaching business.

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