We’ve been going through a cold snap on the East Coast of Canada lately.

Daily lows have been down around -30 Celsius (or -22 Fahrenheit), so it’s not exactly beach weather.

I saw a discussion on Reddit the other day where frozen Americans were asking people in Edmonton (Western Canada) how they deal with the cold, since Edmonton was on that day the coldest place on Earth.

Although someone replied that Edmontonians had really died and were now walking/talking frozen zombies, the advice given came from many years of dealing with brutal cold in the winters.

It’s smart of the people facing colder-than-usual weather to go to those who are the experts.

The same goes for getting coaching advice …

My Facebook group, The Coaching Jungle, is full of people who are making their living from coaching full-time and who freely share their insights in there.

I’ve had plenty of coaches tell me that they get more from the FB group than they do from paid groups that they’ve been in.

Even in the last few weeks, when other groups had virtual tumbleweeds blowing through them as members were distracted by holiday stuff, the Jungle was a beehive of activity with tons of questions being answered and people sharing what’s working for their businesses.

If you need help dealing with extreme cold, talk to people living in extreme cold conditions. If you need help with your coaching business, soak in lots of good stuff here:



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