I don’t think people ask for what they want nearly enough.

I thought I did, but this week I realized that I can do better with this.

For example:

A few years ago (July 1st, 2015 to be exact), I had Larry Winget as a guest on my podcast.

Larry is a popular speaker and author known for his blunt, tell-it-like-it-is style (there’s a reason they call him “The Pitbull of Personal Development”).

His episode was one of the highest-downloaded, most-talked-about shows of the 537 that I’ve released so far. You’d think I’d have had him back for an encore appearance before now, right?

Nope! (I never even asked).

A few days ago I was reading one of his books when the thought hit me: “Why the heck haven’t I had Larry back on the podcast???”

I immediately fired an email off to his assistant (who I got to know from his previous appearance), and we had another interview booked within a few hours.

It was a no-brainer for me to have Larry on the show. The guy is a great interview, shares lots of value, and he gets eardrums tuned into my show … but in the last couple of years I hadn’t ever bothered to ask him back!

Whenever someone asks me; “Marc, how did you get _____ on your show?”, I reply with two words:

“I asked”.

Sometimes I have to remind myself of this.

My suggestion is to take a few minutes today to make a request that you should have made a long time ago.

Here’s a request that I’ll make of you …

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