Earlier this week I did a poll in the Facebook group asking what business coaches most needed training on.

The result?

It wasn’t even close. It was …

Lead generation!

Lead generation for small business folks is what you want and need.

The problem is most of the training on this is lightweight (at best).

Without a doubt my buddy Karl Bryan is the number one guy that I know for bringing in small business owners that sign on as business coaching clients (he used to do 400k per month and has one LinkedIn ad campaign that has done over a million dollars)

In a nutshell: I hammered him on doing some live trainings due to the demand and number of private messages I’ve gotten about this.

It’s close to Xmas and you’ll notice these types of trainings slow down big time until January, so I was happy when he agreed to do it.

If you’re interested in attracting small business owners en masse, here’s the link to get access to the training that Karl is doing next Tuesday (there are just 100 spots available):


Soak in this training and you’ll have more small business owners coming at you in 2018 than you can handle!


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