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Episode #841: What Coaches Need to Know About the Legal Landscape in 2023

by | Oct 30, 2023 | Podcasts

Since 2015, this guest has been focusing on helping coaches with the legal steps of building up their practices, and Valerie Del Grosso is back on this podcast today for the third time to share her expertise with us. In this episode, Valerie reveals how the legal landscape for coaches has changed over the last few years, and she gives her advice on how to protect yourself AND serve your clients in the best way that you can!

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What We Cover in This Episode:

  • What to be aware of with the changing legal landscape in the coaching industry
  • How AI usage and infringement changes are impacting coaches
  • A new way to view certification processes
  • What a coach can expect from Valerie’s new book
  • Insurance and best practices to protect yourself and your business
  • What coaches should be caring about
  • How doing what you promised, and documenting it, is key in providing you the ultimate protection  


“The world is not lacking results because we are lacking information or methods, it is always that accountability piece. That is the essence of coaching, and why it is so important.”

“Rather than focusing on how good it feels to get the result, they instead focus in their marketing on how good it feels to have support along your journey.”

“There is still very much a place for kind of what I call the ‘true heart and soul of coaching’, where you actually have the support you need to get the result that is being promised.”

“Insurance is really just a payment source.”

“Being able to go back to show that you did what you promised is the ultimate protection that a coach can have from any kind of payment drama, refund artists, and content thieving.”


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