LauraPittmanLaura Pittman was a professional in the corporate world who was thrown a curveball in her career – but instead of letting it defeat her, she picked herself back up and used the experience to help other women dealing with professional challenges!



-“I lost my job and I lost my identity with it. So I thought because I was my job I didn’t know how to separate the two.”

-“That was my first introduction to coaching, this woman who is employed by this company to pull me out of a riptide and to say, Lady put your big girl panties on, it’s time to move on and move on smartly.”

-“It was really my coach that kind of gave me that lifeline, I guess to say, this is ok, and I’m going to be ok.”

-“My first thing to say is, get the noise out of your head, and stop what you are doing.”

When Laura was asked if she had any advice for other coaches, she replied by saying, “Stick with it, it will happen. Get your message out there, stay true to your craft.



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