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Episode #832: Carla Fowler: How This Executive Coach Grew Her Business

by | Aug 28, 2023 | Podcasts

Doing something big and important is hard, and today’s guest can help! Carla Fowler is with THAXA, an executive coaching firm that works with people to achieve big goals through performance science, and in this episode, she shares how she grew her executive coaching business, the science around multi-disciplinary performance, and more!

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What We Cover in This Episode:

  • The ways that Carla operates her coaching practice to fully be in her client’s corner
  • Why she transitioned into virtual work after doing both virtual and in-person with clients
  • Carla’s thoughts on the reasons coaches shouldn’t obsess about landing clients
  • The differences and commonalities in coaching in the nonprofit space versus for-profit companies
  • How she uses a built-in upfront self-selection process in her business
  • The science around multi-disciplinary performance


“One of the beautiful things when people are considering going into coaching, from any number of career paths, is they bring with them that background and they bring with them all the skills and experiences that they have.”

“One of the things I really valued when I was starting my practice was this idea of being totally in my client’s corner.”

“For me and the executive coaching that I do, it is that people have a level of autonomy and responsibility both to set some direction, whether it is for their department or the company, and to then carry that out.”


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