I once worked with a 1:1 client who was deathly afraid of being interviewed on podcasts.

When I say “deathly”, I’m not exaggerating.

The thought of it made her want to break out in hives and vomit.

She was so opposed to it that she was determined to never do it in her life.

After enough banging of my head against that wall, I was able to get her to go on her first podcast to be interviewed (I accomplished this by threatening to fire her as a client if she wouldn’t do it).

And surprise, surprise – she went on her first podcast and knocked it out of the park.

She loved being interviewed so much that she begged me to find her other shows that she could be a guest on.

This was coming from a woman who just a few short weeks earlier wouldn’t be caught dead on a podcast!

After I saw this transformation, I became convinced that anyone could come to love being interviewed on podcasts.

Every time a client tells me that they can’t go on podcasts, I remember this story and I push them to take the leap.

Getting booked to be a guest on podcasts isn’t easy, so I’m dedicating the entire March issue of Secret Coach Club to it.

I have so much to share about this that the issue will be 20 pages, instead of the usual 16.

If you know that you have to get out on more podcasts, but you’re feeling timid, you can get your copy here:


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