Today’s the day for Emee Estacio’s live masterclass around turning your book into an Amazon best-seller in 2021, and here’s what just a few of her past clients had to say about her:

There’s Matt Essam (author of “Create and Prosper”):

“Emee was a pivotal part of getting my book to number one on Amazon! There is no way i could have published my book without her. Whether you are a first-time author or you are a veteran, Emee will help you with things you didn’t even know you needed help with!”

And Gita Yoshi (author of “Show Your Art”), who had this to say:

“Emee helped me get my book completed, and then launch to #1 on Amazon in multiple categories. Emee was hugely important to the process of bringing my book into the world. Without her my book might still be on my ‘To do’ list. Instead it’s out in the world and impacting lives …”

And even if you’re in a tight niche like Wendy Andrew, you should be there:

“Nobody was more surprised than me when my book ‘How To Recover From Pet Loss’ hit #1 Hot New Release in multiple categories. Pet Bereavement is so niche that my expectations were not high but I am delighted to have far exceeded what I thought was possible and it’s all down to Dr Emee Vida Estacio …”

The masterclass starts at 1 pm EST today, and here’s the link to register for it:

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