If you’re providing value in the marketplace, you deserve to be compensated for it.

For example:

I’m a member of a group that keeps everyone in the loop by email, and has the primary purpose of connecting entrepreneurs for joint venture opportunities.

Besides the joint ventures, it’s a place where you can ask a question and get some really smart folks answering you (it’s a large group with heavy hitters and successful people who have seen it all).

Last week, the guy who runs the group/list sent out an email to announce that he was making a change. Going forward, he said that he’s going to start charging for the service (nothing crazy, just $997 per year).

Some people might be upset by this change, since they were getting it for free for a long time and now they have to pay for it. People generally don’t like to pay for stuff they’ve been getting for free.

But I emailed him back and congratulated him on making the change. He spends a lot of time on what he’s doing and those who use it have been making a lot of money. He should absolutely be charging for it.

I hate the attitude that I see online where anyone who dares charge for something is automatically a bad person, or it’s a scam.

I sometimes look through the comments on Facebook ads. I don’t spend too much time there, since it can be depressing knowing how many kooks are out in the world …

It’s not uncommon to see a comment along the lines of: “Oh, I just checked the page and they’re charging for it – I figured there was a catch!”.

What do they expect? People to do it out of the goodness of their hearts? If people don’t charge then they can’t help as many people as they’d like to help.

When selling online, you can’t be knocked off course by those darn freeple and cheaple … keep doing your thing, while they stay busy trolling strangers’ Facebook ads.

Speaking of joint ventures, I have an opening for one this summer. If you have a product/service that helps coaches (since my following is almost-exclusively coaches), then it could be a fit for you.

I do my joint ventures differently than most, so get the details from this link:


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