You can’t read the label when you’re inside the bottle

by | Dec 1, 2022 | Blog

There’s a famous story arc in the “Iron Man” comics called “Demon In A Bottle”.

In it, Tony Stark’s world is crashing down around him, and he hits the booze hard. His life is a mess, and he has to give up being Iron Man until he can get back on track.

I see a lot of coaches struggle with the bottle too – but it’s a different kind of bottle.

This one is related to the saying:

“You can’t read the label when you’re inside the bottle”

Coaches who are great at helping their clients get results are struggling with their own businesses, because they’re too close to the action.

You can be the most motivated and disciplined person in the world, but still need help from the outside.

To use another metaphor, you “can’t see the forest for the trees”.

I’ve had a lot of conversations with coaches who are stuck in the figurative bottle at the moment.

With the benefit of having some distance and a different set of eyes, I’ve been able to get them unstuck after just a few minutes – and I could sense the relief they got from that.

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