You can do this in a “cloffice”

by | Jun 2, 2021 | Blog

Apparently it’s becoming popular these days for people to convert their closets into small home offices.

Or a “cloffice” (closet + office)

When I first heard of the trend, I was skeptical …

We just finished a new office at the house for me, and despite being a good-sized room, I’m not sure how I’m going to fit my all of my books, momentos, and everything else into it (including an elliptical!).

But after seeing some of the cloffice examples, I was impressed by what people could do with tiny spaces (if you’re looking for design ideas, check out the article in the Washington Post titled “Tiny Cloffices — Workspaces in Closets — Are Big, Thanks to the Pandemic”).

Anyways, you don’t need a big home office to have a successful coaching business: a desk, a laptop, and working Internet can get you started …

And a good strategy for getting clients helps!

That’s where my “3 Pillars” strategy comes in.

I’ll be going over it in a live training today at 2 pm EST, and you can register for it here:

PS: A number of people have asked me if there will be a replay for it, and yes – a replay will be sent out to all who register …

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