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Work with me 1:1 for less than $84/month! (details inside)

by | Mar 27, 2024 | Blog

Earlier this month I celebrated the 10 year anniversary of my coaching business.

Since 2014 I’ve worked directly with hundreds of coaches to help them grow their businesses (and I’ve helped thousands more with my digital programs and communities).

If you want to grow your coaching business fast and work with only your ideal clients, then I’m your guy.

The problem?

I’m not the cheapest coach around!

My coaching packages range from $5,000 to $15,000, and in the past I’ve had to turn away a lot of coaches who I would have loved to help because my existing programs didn’t fit their budgets.

So I’m excited to tell you about a solution that should fit the budget of any coach:

A one-year UNLIMITED laser coaching package for less than $84/month!

Here are the details:

The package includes one year of UNLIMITED 1:1 coaching with me (laser-focused 15-minute sessions) on Zoom.

We’ll come up with homework on each call to move you closer to your goal. You can schedule as many 15-minute sessions as you’d like over the next year, however you must complete your homework before scheduling the next session (so this is for action takers, not procrastinators)

You’ll also receive access to me by email during our time working together if you need assistance with your homework or if you have any questions about your coaching business. You can pick my brain, which is something I only allow my clients to do …

Our first session will be 30 minutes so that I can get to know you and make sure we both feel good about me helping you get the results you want. If during this call either of us feel this isn’t a fit, your money will be returned and the coaching arrangement terminated (so there’s no risk)

As a bonus, you’ll receive a one year subscription to my Secret Coach Club (SCC members pay $997 for this!)

I’m only accepting eight coaches, so if you’d like one of the spots head over to the link below to get the details. I’m closing it on Wednesday, April 3rd and it’s first come, first served.

If you’re ready to get my help to grow your coaching business over the next year (and receive your $997 bonus), here’s the link:

Looking forward to working together!

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