Work with me 1:1 and get $4988 in bonuses!

by | Mar 19, 2023 | Blog

I’m currently filling spots for my 1:1 “Triple Punch” coaching package.

In addition to everything we’re doing together over 12 weeks, my clients will get $4,988 of bonuses …

(These bonuses are $4,988 of legit, real-world value and what I usually sell them for. I’m not like some people who slap something together in five minutes and claim “$50,000 value!”)

The bonuses include:

-> Three of my digital programs: The Daily Email System, Facebook Group Gold, and the Flat Fee JV program ($1491 value)

-> A one year subscription to my “Secret Coach Club” ($997 value)

-> A 1:1 “Podcast Launch” package ($1,500 value)

-> Podcast bookings to guest on five shows, including my “Natural Born Coaches” podcast ($1,000 value)

To work 1:1 with me and take advantage of these bonuses, go here:

Secret Coach Club

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