A few weeks ago I was talking with an online entrepreneur who’s changing businesses.

She wasn’t enjoying what she was doing, so she got out of that and is now looking for a new business to start.

During our chat she mentioned that despite having more free time to relax since she stepped away, she’s been tired and going a little crazy.

I know the feeling.

After the closure of my real estate business, I suddenly had a lot of free time on my hands as well.

It was too much free time, and for someone who was used to working a lot it was very disorientating – almost like going 100 miles per hour and then suddenly crashing into a brick wall.

You’d think that I’d have more energy since I wasn’t running around 24/7 anymore, but I actually had a lot less energy because I didn’t have goals and a mission to go after.

Luckily, before I was thrown in a straight jacket and whisked off to the loony bin, I got help from several coaches and mentors who helped me get vision for where I wanted to go next.

And when I launched my coaching business, I was grateful to have something to pour my energy into. Although I was again “working” a lot of hours, it was fun and didn’t feel like work – and I found my energy returning to its old levels.

When I look at coaches who are struggling, I don’t think it’s because of laziness. Sure, some are lazy, but it’s an issue of not knowing what to do and spinning their wheels trying to get things going.

Once they get clarity and “find their passion” (I know, it sounds cliche), they have a huge well of energy to draw from. As I posted on Facebook recently, “Passion is the ultimate energy drink”.

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