Some wise words about my Secret Coach Club newsletter, from subscriber Randall Thompson:


“Marc – your Secret Coach Club newsletter is very good! I’m a business broker, I buy and sell businesses in the $1 million to $15 million range and mentor owners how to prep for sale or make acquisitions without getting screwed and collaborating for the best deal structure … and I can’t wait for every issue of this newsletter. I love your pragmatic and very real stories, and the actionable content. Thanks for this Marc, your willingness to share deeply and effectively have helped me and my business”


Hearing these words from a superstar coach like Randall Thompson is humbling, and motivates me to continue doing what I’ve been doing with Secret Coach Club for the last year …

I’m dedicating the next issue to showing how you can get booked as a guest on 100+ podcasts every year, and turn those appearances into cold hard cash for your coaching business.

You can join Randall and the other SCC subscribers by heading over to this link before it’s too late:

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