Since 2014, I’ve asked a lot of coaches and entrepreneurs what their “Why” for being in business is.

I’ve interviewed over 600 guests on my podcast, and we often talk about their motivation for doing what they do.

And I’ve spoken with thousands of others who are my clients, or have purchased my programs, or are in my Facebook group about the topic.

In that time I’ve heard some powerful motivations that have stuck with me, but one of the most memorable ones has been from Nicole Bandes.

On July 4th, 2013, Nicole experienced something that every parent dreads: her son was killed in a head-on car crash.

Through her grief recovery, Nicole found her purpose in helping people achieve more time for what matters most Рbecause there’s no time like the present.

She says: “Sometimes the best gifts come wrapped in ugly paper”, and she decided to honour her son’s memory by using the story to empower people to make time for what really matters in life.

It’s hard to create memories if you’re working on your business 24/7, and Nicole is going to do a live training next week where she’ll show how you can free up more time.

You can save your seat for it here:

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