I’m a big fan of Facebook groups.

I won’t go as far to say that every coach and online entrepreneur has to have one – if your prospects aren’t on Facebook, then focus on where they’re at.

But I’d say that for a majority of people Facebook groups are applicable, and they should be utilizing them to grow their businesses.

Groups let you cut through all the noise that clutters the main newsfeeds and build a community where you’re seen as a leader, expert, and someone who can help.

Until this Friday I’m giving away my Group Gold Program (which usually sells for $497) to those who join “The Insane Product Giveaway 2020”

In this program I show how I’ve grown my Facebook group to almost 20,000 members without spending a penny on ads.

In addition to getting my program, you can get other programs valued at $497+ each from about 20 other smart folks in the online space.

Here’s the link to take advantage:


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