I once had a conversation with a coach who had an interesting idea for his content creation.

His plan was to create one year’s worth of content (all of his emails, social media posts, podcast episodes etc) in just one month.

For that month he would hide away from the world, lock himself in his office, and grind it out so he could take the next 11 months off from creating anything.

As said, it’s an interesting idea … but ultimately a bad one.

Here are the issues that I see with it:

First off, it’s not going to be a fun month, and I doubt what he creates would be top-notch (it sounds like a recipe for burnout).

Next, his business could change a lot over a year. Who knows what opportunities will pop up and what changes will take place during those 365 days? (He might have to scrap a lot of what he created)

Finally, he’s going to improve over time. But it won’t be reflected in his content because he’s doing it all in such a short period of time. For example, I think back to my first podcast recording and what I was putting out one year later, and it was a huge improvement …

While I’m all for batching, this “Batching On Steroids” is the wrong approach.

I show a better, and more fun, way to create your content in my “10 Clients In 90 Days” program.

In module 4 of it I’ll walk you through my exact method for content creation that gets your message out consistently to an eager audience, without driving you insane.

You can get the details here:


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