This coming Thursday, Ryan Mathie from High-Performing Coach is hosting a live interactive workshop for coaches.

In Ryan’s words, this workshop is for coaches who:

  • Are struggling to create new clients in their coaching business and selling just feels ‘icky’.
  • Feel they are ‘stuck’ and want to get online and build a 5-figure/month coaching business.
  • Have the knowledge and skills to grow their online coaching business but there is just something holding them back that they haven’t yet been able to identify.
  • Are highly skilled at coaching but don’t have the knowledge to generate leads and create clients reliably.
  • Are tired of being bombarded by information and want help to take the exact actions they need to take to build a highly profitable and sustainable coaching business

As a bonus, those who register will receive a 7-part video training series that will show the fundamentals of growing a coaching business.

It’s happening on Thursday, September 17th at 1 pm EST and here’s the link to save your spot:

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