I’ve spoken with a number of coaches who have told me that they’re having trouble getting their spouses (or partners) on board with their businesses.

These unsupportive spouses make snide comments, give them a hard time about working, or
do other things to weaken their confidence and make them feel like crap.

While I don’t use a blanket suggestion to “get a divorce,” I do suggest to these coaches to have a good talk with their partner and let them know they won’t tolerate anything that hurts their mindset and motivation (if the partner doesn’t come around then I would pack my bags personally).

My other suggestion to these coaches is to plow ahead and start making money (in my experience, once a spouse sees money rolling into the bank account from coaching, they’re much more likely to be supportive of it).

Rob Goyette agrees with me …

I recently heard Rob say that the best way to convince an unsupportive spouse to get on board with a coaching business is to get money rolling in, and he has the answer for that.

If that sounds like the answer to your prayers, check out what Rob is doing here:


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