“Entrepreneur Guilt” is a real thing.

It’s when you feel guilty for taking any time off that you could be spending working on your business.

It’s dangerous because you could easily justify working 24/7.

It leads to a situation where pretty much all of your waking hours are spent working (and it quite often ends with burnout).

It’s hard not to fall into the trap in today’s culture, which celebrates workaholics like Elon Musk who get just a few hours of sleep a night (under their office desk) in an attempt to be more productive.

While I’ll never be a 4-hour workweek kind of guy (I’d go crazy), I don’t want to be working 120 hours either …

In my opinion, a majority of coaches are experiencing “Entrepreneur Guilt”, and a big reason why is they aren’t making the kind of money they want to be making. It’s hard to sit back and relax when the little voice in your head is reminding you of the bills that are coming due.

If you’re feeling pangs of this guilt, check out the webinar that Sofia Reis is doing next Tuesday.

In it, she’ll be showing how you can change your coaching model so you make more money while working a lot less.

It’s called “Nail Your System For Consistency, Clients and Cash”, and you can register for it here:


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