When you bring a Moleskine journal to a gun fight

by | Jul 20, 2021 | Blog

The other day a friend posted the following question:

“The last thing you bought from Amazon is your weapon of choice in battle. What are you fighting the enemy with?”

While some commenters had poor weapons from their most recent purchases (a bar stool, hair gel, and dog leashes for example), mine was a Moleskine journal …

So I think I’d be really screwed in that battle …

When going into war I’d choose a different weapon, or even better, a foolproof plan for victory.

Think Napoleon or Alexander the Great ever took on an enemy without a plan?

Their names aren’t etched in the history books because they liked to “wing it”.

It can be a battle to build a successful coaching business, and also when it comes to launching successful group programs in that business.

I’ve seen plenty of group programs fail to get off the ground, with the coaches left stressed and frustrated over the whole thing.

If you’re looking for a solid plan for your group program, Ron Reich has it.

He’s helped hundreds of clients launch and fill theirs, including some of the biggest names in the online space (but don’t worry, his stuff works even if you have a small following …)

I’ll be joining Ron for a free training he’s doing on it this Thursday called “The Luxury Launch System: How To Launch A High End Group Program In 60 Days Or Less!” and you can register for it here:


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