Here are a few stories about not having fun in your business:

I once had a call with a struggling executive coach who wanted my help to get more clients.

When we connected on Skype, I was surprised at her chosen niche because she didn’t give off the executive coach vibe.

She seemed to be more of an artistic, hippy-ish person and not one to be involved in the corporate space.

So I asked her why she chose to become an executive coach, and she answered with:

“Well I don’t like corporate people, I think most are A-holes … but I heard that’s where the money is”

It’s no wonder she was struggling with that opinion of her target market!

It couldn’t have been much fun for her to create content, or work with people she didn’t like (or hide her feelings from them).

My suggestion was to find a new focus for her coaching business …

Another example of not having fun comes from Christian Gasper:

Christian hated doing sales calls with potential coaching clients, so he was determined to find another way to build his business.

That led to him focusing on online courses, which didn’t require any calls.

If you’d like to do the same, he’s going to show his method for selling online courses in a training that he’s doing on Thursday.

To register:

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