An example of someone putting Gary Halbert’s “Feed a starving crowd” advice into action:

Greg Kilwein founded AttractWell in 2015 as something to help people sell a specific line of health and wellness products online (ie: supplements, essential oils, personal care products, home cleaning products, etc).

But a lot of his customers on the platform were also coaches, and they kept telling Greg that they needed help with tech, running their businesses, and generating leads.

So Greg decided to build a single system to do all that for them … that way, coaches could spend more of their time doing what they love, whether that’s helping their clients get results, spending time with family, or taking a vacation.

It’s never a bad idea to listen to what your audience needs and then feed it to them …

A few of the digital programs that I’ve created (my Facebook Group Gold one and Daily Email System) came about because a number of people had asked me how to monetize their Facebook groups and how to do the daily email thing.

I could never give them the complete answer in a short conversation or email, but by creating those programs I could direct them to the sales pages to get them.

Have people been asking you the same questions? There could be an offering they’re waiting for you to create to take care of that hunger.

Back to Greg:

He’s doing a live training on Tuesday where he’ll show how you can grow your coaching because with more ease.

You can register for it here:

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