I’m reading a book about Elton John at the moment, and it got me thinking about how someone can stay relevant and on top of an industry for a long time like he has.

In the music world, how many one-hit (or two-hit) wonders do you see? One day their songs are all over the radio, and the next it’s like they’ve been abducted by aliens and whisked away from Earth never to be seen again.

For the successful ones, reinvention is a big part of it …

Elton John did it often, from his earlier “Crocodile Rock” days to his “Candle In The Wind” tribute to Lady Diana that was everywhere in the 90’s. He’s still going strong in 2019, and doesn’t look to be slowing down (especially with the release of the “Rocketman” biopic).

The Beatles did it when they went from the Beatlemania years to “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” – and each Beatle later did his own reinvention in different bands and as solo acts after they broke up.

Madonna is a master at it, and has reinvented herself every few years to remain fresh and interesting (Lady Gaga has taken a page from her book to do the same thing …)

While mixing things up can work for the superstars of the music world, too much of it can have negative consequences for online entrepreneurs.

Sure, it helps to stay on top of trends and introduce new offerings – I’m not suggesting that you can’t change. But if you change your message or your target market every year, or have a hodgepodge of different offerings, it causes confusion in the marketplace.

Your business should flow, and not have a disconnect between the various parts of it.

During a recent chat with Pamela Bruner, she was telling me about the mistake that a lot of online entrepreneurs make by giving away freebies that have nothing to do with their main offers.

For example, they could have a freebie that promises to show the top mistakes that people make with their websites, but they’re life coaches and not web designers.

Your freebie should make sense, and flow nicely into your offer.

Pamela is showing how you can keep your business fresh and interesting without being disconnected at her “Transform” event taking place this week.

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