There’s a scene “Man of Steel” where a young Clark Kent (before he became Superman) is struggling with his powers.

As he sits in his classroom, his X-ray vision kicks in and he sees the skeletons of his teacher and classmates.

Then his super-hearing starts up, and he notices every pencil tapping, nostrils breathing, and all of the noises around him.

He becomes overwhelmed with the amount of stuff going into his brain, freaks out, and flees the classroom to seek refuge in a hallway closet.

His teacher calls his mother, and when Ma Ken shows up he yells out to her that the “the world is too big!” …

But she calms him telling him to “make it small” and to focus on her voice.

With that advice he calms down and gains control of his super senses, and he remembers her advice as he grows up to become Superman.

Just like young Clark Kent’s senses were overwhelmed by the mass of information rushing into his brain, coaches are overwhelmed by a lot of noise every single day.

They have thousands of experts telling them thousands of different strategies.

If all of these experts had actually achieved what they’re teaching that would be confusing enough, but once you realize a lot of them haven’t gotten any results for themselves then it can become disheartening.

I’m a believer in keeping things simple, and I think most coaches would prefer it that way as well. Even after 5+ years in the online coaching space, I can still write my business model on a little yellow sticky note (and my goal is to be able to do the same at the ten year mark).

If you’d like to be done with all the noise and distractions and focus on doing just a few things to get clients, you’ll want to check out the brand new training that I released yesterday.

It’s called “The 3 Superpowers of Successful Coaches” and you can watch it here:

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