At one time, my discovery calls were an hour long …

Then I decided to cut them down to 30 minutes each (and often the calls were wrapped up in 15 or 20 minutes).

Surprisingly, I got just as much done with the shorter calls.


When they were an hour long, the conversations naturally expanded.

The chat at the beginning went longer than needed, and the rest of the calls weren’t as tight as they could have been.

The longer calls were suffering from “Parkinson’s Law”.

Parkinson’s Law is when “work expands to fill the time available for its completion”.

With less time available, we got down to business more quickly.

Sure, there was a little bit of the chit chat to build rapport at the beginning – but it was kept to just two or three minutes since I knew we only had 30 minutes in total.

Instead of decreasing, my conversion rate actually increased (part of the reason why was we were ending on a high note, instead of the call dragging on for an hour).

When I encourage coaches to tighten their calls down to 30 minutes, I get some pushback. They don’t think they can complete the call in that period of time.

My suggestion is to give it a try and see …

The results might surprise you.

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