When it comes to virtual events, simple is sexy

by | Jan 20, 2021 | Blog

I watched a live training for virtual events by SAGE last night, and the hosts (Bari Baumgardner and Blue Melnick) said something that stood out:

“Simple is sexy”

They were encouraging the hundreds of attendees there that hosting virtual events doesn’t have to be complicated, and even those who consider themselves to be “tech-challenged” can host a successful one without too much stress.

Another point they made is that you don’t need an enormous following to get great results from your event.

Sure, they’ve worked with heavy hitters like Tony Robbins, and they themselves will have well over a thousand attendees in total on their trainings this week, but they told a story about a client with a small following who knocked it out of the park …

Sandra Angelo teaches people to draw, and she made $92,000 in high-ticket sales from her event … with just 11 attendees!

(Teaching people to draw isn’t the first niche that comes to mind when you think “high-ticket” either)

If you’d like to learn their virtual event secrets, check out one of their live trainings this week – there are multiple days and times to fit your schedule.

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