The online world is filled with a lot of fakes and posers.

I’m talking about people who rolled out of bed this morning and decided to proclaim themselves to be experts at something, despite never doing it.

Or maybe they took a weekend course, or watched a few videos/read a few books so they at least sound like they might know what they’re talking about.

Mitch Russo isn’t one of these folks:

  • he started a software company with just $5000 and went on to sell it for 8-figures …
  • he built a company with Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes which made over $25M per year in revenue …
  • he wrote two well-regarded books, “The Invisible Organization” and “Power Tribes” …
  • He hosts the “Your First Thousand Clients” podcast, which has released over 200 episodes to date with some really big-name entrepreneurs as guests.

What I’m saying is Mitch knows his stuff – especially about generating free publicity in the noisy online space.

The good news is he’s written a report called “Three Simple Ways To Get Free Publicity And Exposure For Your Brand, Yourself And Your Company”, and you can download your free copy of it here:

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