If you want to do something, learn from someone who’s done it before.

Take connecting with influencers, for example.

In her book “Beyond Influencer Marketing”, my friend Cloris Kylie shared a story of how she was able to connect with the late, great Wayne Dyer.

This wasn’t back when Dyer was a nobody selling copies of his books out of the trunk of his car either – it was when he was world-famous and at the top of the personal development industry.

Cloris and I were chatting recently, and I asked her to do a training for my community to teach more about influencer marketing …

And she’s going to share a lot more on the training, including:

• How influencers can help you build authority, grow your list, and boost revenue
• What every entrepreneur must have before connecting with influential people
• The big mistake that makes a network of connections useless
• How to figure out your value proposition to build relationships with influencers
• How to maximize the number of subscribers you add to your list when you collaborate with influencers
• The secret to convert your new subscribers into buyers.

It’s taking place next Wednesday and you can save your seat for it here:


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