Most people need help with something, and entrepreneurs fill that need.

Entrepreneurs have to solve problems, so it helps to know what’s keeping their prospects up at night.

What has them tossing and turning at 3 AM, unable to sleep and driving their spouses next to them crazy?

I like to ask entrepreneurs this question because it gives me insight into what they do (and if they don’t know the answer, I can suggest that they find out quickly).

When I asked Sofia Reis the question, she told me that those in her market (who are coaches) are losing zzzz’s for a few big reasons:

  • They don’t have enough time (but they’re resisting doing what they have to do to give them more of it)
  • They’re confused and overthinking what they have to do to reach more people
  • They’re frustrated by all the tech stuff and are ready to throw their laptops out the window …

Sofia solves these problems by helping them create a new model for their business, and holding their hands to put in place a launch system that they can rinse and repeat as often as they want.

She’s going to be going over this stuff in a webinar that we’re doing on Tuesday called “Nail Your System For Consistency, Clients and Cash”, and you can save your spot for it here:

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