There’s a famous study that illustrates how people miss things when they’re focusing on something else.

For it, participants were shown a video of basketball players (half in white shirts, the others in black ones) passing a ball back and forth.

The viewers were asked to track how many times the white shirts passed the ball.

Spoiler alert: the answer was 15, but that’s not what the study was about.

Shortly into the video, a guy in a gorilla suit walks into the middle of the area where the players are tossing the ball around.

The gorilla wasn’t exactly being sneaky either – he stopped for a few seconds and beat his chest before leaving.

Half of the participants didn’t see the gorilla!

Just as in that study, a lot of coaches are focusing on the wrong tasks and neglecting the important things they should be doing.

They’re doing work that makes them feel busy, but doesn’t really move the needle for revenue.

Or they’re tied up with deliverables, and can’t focus on growing their businesses.

They end up confused because they’re working a ton of hours, but not seeing the results reflected in their bank accounts.

This coming week, Talmar Anderson from Boss Actions is going to be sharing how you can swing things around and kick your business into high gear.

It’s happening on Thursday, April 18th at 1:30 pm EST (a replay will be sent to those who register but can’t join us live):

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