I’m currently reading “Journals” by Kurt Cobain.

I was never a big fan of grunge music and you won’t find me wearing Nivana shirts or anything like that … but I bought the book because it’s an interesting look inside Cobain’s head (it features actual scans of his journal pages, not typed-out but in his handwriting and including doodles and sketches).

Believe it or not, this Canadian, non-grunge fan coach pulled lots of golden nuggets out of the musings of a deceased grunge god.

For example, in one of his entries he recommended that musicians not listen to much music, because then they’ll subconsciously mimic those artists.

The same could be said for coaches – don’t spend 24/7 consuming content from influencers, because it’ll seep into your own content creation and you’ll start to sound like them without realizing it.

You want to have your own unique style for your content, and that goes for your offerings as well.

It’s easy to fall into a box when creating offerings for the marketplace. You think, “Well, every one else is doing it that way, so I guess I have to as well”

Almost every coach out there does their 1:1 sessions the same way – roughly an hour long call, once a week, blah blah blah.

How about doing it differently?

What about offering laser coaching sessions that are just 15 minutes each?


When Rob Goyette first suggested this to me, I almost dismissed it. But I remembered the words of Rivers Corbett, who says “you should zag when everyone else zigs”.

So I gave it a whirl, and introduced laser coaching offerings into my coaching business last month.

All of my spots were spoken for in a few days, and I’m having a lot of fun working with those laser clients.

Laser coaching is unique and allows you to offer something that people aren’t use to seeing (although a number of coaches are starting to find out about it because of Rob’s track record, so it’ll be seen more often).

You can still beat the rush and introduce it into your offerings to stand out from the coaching crowd. If you’d like to learn how, check out Rob’s short laser coaching training here:


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